Wednesday, July 21, 2010

black and white

...because of my emotional status this days, i again left my house to acquire sanity. And by sanity i mean coffee and menthols. Surprisingly, I craved for the coffee wherein the "crime" happened. So I gave in to my craving and sucked it all up.

But I got bored easily. Especially when I looked at my phone and saw that it was already 8PM, i felt sad again. I texted a friend who works in a nearby TV station to join me.

While waiting for her, I converted my sadness into a more creative form of energy. HAHAHAHA! I drew caricatures of me and four other friends as if we are attending a black and white ball. It has no faces 'coz i don't know how to draw them. So, PASENSYA NA PO SA DRAWING! hahaha.

(L-R jmar, xi, goddess, jhey, judee)

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